15th EuCheMS International Conference

on Chemistry and the Environment

20 - 24 September 2015 • Leipzig, Germany



Unconventional gas and oil production employing hydraulic fracturing: Challenges for environmental and analytical chemistry


Sunday, 20 September 2015, 1.00 - 4.15 pm, Location: Leipziger KUBUS, Hall 1CD

Fee: € 10

Hydraulic fracturing and subsequent shale gas and oil production have provoked controversial debates on environmental risks in the public and scientific community. For the potential implementation of unconventional oil and gas production in Europe the development of best treatment options and effective monitoring concepts is a scientific challenge to environmental and analytical chemists.

Effective monitoring concepts are needed to minimize the impact of contaminations by early detection, and to resolve potential cases of liability.  New, improved treatment technologies are warranted to deal with highly saline, contaminated wastewater so that risks for soil, ground and surface water are minimized.

In this satellite event we will bring together environmental scientist from various disciplines to discuss the environmental risk of hydraulic fracturing and subsequent production and how chemistry can address related challenges. We will organize a session and a discussion with our Key Note Speaker Avner Vengosh (Professor of Geochemistry and Water Quality and Chair of the Water and Air Resources program at the Nicholas School of Environment, Duke University) who will share his experience from unconventional oil and gas production from North Amerika.


Keynote speakers

  • Avner Vengosh, Duke University
  • Martin Elsner, Helmholtz Centre Munich


Program in detail:


13:00-13:05       Hans Hermann Richnow



“What is reported and what is found”


13:05-13:30       Martin Elsner

Hydraulic Fracturing Chemicals Reported in Unconventional Gas Exploitation

13:30-13:50       Kathrin Hoelzer

Indications of Transformation Products from Hydraulic Fracturing Additives in Shale Gas Wastewater


“Towards a Process Understanding from Laboratory Studies”

13:50-14:10       Nuri Jimenez

Groundwater microbial communities response to simulated spills of hydraulic fracturing-related fluids

14:10-14:30       Andrea Vieth-Hillebrand

Evaluating fluid-rock interactions in black shales by using autoclave experiments


14:30-15:00       Coffeebreak



15:15-15:30       Oliver Lechtenfeld

Fingerprinting and marker identification of fracking fluids in contaminated natural waters with ultra-high resolution mass spectrometry

15:30-15:45       Carsten Vogt

Groundwater monitoring during hydraulic fracturing: what can stable isotopes do?


15:45-16:00       Coffee break (15 min)


Podium Discussion

16:00-16:10       Martin Elsner

The Water Chemistry Society’s Comment on the Draft Law

What are the most prevalent scientific research gaps in addressing environmental impacts of hydraulic fracturing?


16:10-16:30      Podium Discussion with Avner Vengosh, Martin Krüger / Nuria Jimenez / Hans H Richnow, xx

Is hydraulic fracturing a real ground water thread?  Various opinions on shale gas explorations


16:30               End of the satellite event


17:00               Opening of the ICCE with a keynote by Avner Vengosh

Change of Location: The Conference will be opened at the Lecture Building of the University!