15th EuCheMS International Conference

on Chemistry and the Environment

20 - 24 September 2015 • Leipzig, Germany



High-resolution imaging and correlative analyses in life sciences down to sub nanometre scale


Niculina Musat, Hans Richnow (UFZ, DE)

Thursday, 24 September 2015, full day

Fee: € 25 (as part of the conference) | € 120 (participation in course only)

In this satellite event we aim to bring together microbiologists, cell biologists, plant physiologists, geochemists and biochemists that are interested in the combination of high resolution microscopy (e.g. TEM, SEM, PALM) with chemical mapping (e.g. by nanoSIMS, ToF-SIMS and confocal Raman spectroscopy), and proteomics as well as metabolomics to discuss new methods and concepts for analysing composition, function, activity and regulation of microbial communities.

We will organise a satellite event at the UFZ with laboratory workshops in the new “Centre for chemical microscopy – ProVIS” at Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ, Leipzig. During the laboratory workshops we will show our new laboratories for visualization and quantification of microbial mediated processes on a microscopic scale (learn more) together with corresponding sample preparation techniques and a variety of complementary microscopic techniques as well as high-resolution metabolomics  by FTICR-MS and Orbitrap analysis.


Program in detail:

09.00-09.10       Welcome

09.10-09.35       Cristina Moraru

Fluorescence in situ hybridization of microorganisms in the age of super-resolution microscopy

09.35-10.00       Silvio Rizzoli

Correlated fluorescence and multi-isotope high-resolution imaging

10.00-10.45       Coffee & Posters

10.45-11.10       Patrick Kubryk

Stable isotope resonance Raman microspectroscopic and SERS analysis of microorganisms at single cell level

11.10-11.35       Gal Schkolnik

Surface Enhanced Confocal Raman Microscopy of Electroactive Biofilms

11.35-12.00       Alexandra Wiesheu

Raman-analysis of stable isotope labelled organic substances in soil for improving the water holding capacity

12.00-13.00       Lunch

13.00-13.25       Peter Gnauck

Helium Ion Microscopy. Extending the frontiers of nanotechnology

13.25-13.50       Sören-Oliver Deininger

Mass Spectrometric Imaging by MALDI for the Analysis of Proteins and Metabolites in Tissue

13.50-14.20       Coffee & ProVIS lab visit

14.20-14.45       Christine Heim

High Resolution Characterization of Recent and Ancient Microbial Systems using ToF-SIMS

14.45-15.10       Carsten Mueller

Microscale complexity of a permafrost soil evaluated by combining NanoSIMS and VIS-NIR spectrometry

15.10-15.35       Kexue Li

Speciation of nitrogen bearing species using negative and positive secondary ion spectra with Nano Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry

15.35-16.00       Florin Musat

Application of nanoSIMS-based, high-resolution chemical imaging for the identification of anaerobic hydrocarbon-degrading microorganisms

16.00-16.15       Closing remarks

16.15-open end   Lab demo -MALDI imaging and ProVis lab visits